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Aspiring Consultancy provides a professional and complete service to individuals and corporate bodies alike. A brief list of the services we are able to offer follows;

 Insurance Fraud Services

Bruce Thomson has a unique background having been employed by two of the major insurers in New Zealand and also by the New Zealand Police. This background enables enquiries to be completed in a cost effective and efficient manner, without unnecessary disruption throughout the claims process.

Aspiring Consultancy Limited holds contracts with the majority of the major insurers in New Zealand.

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Document Services

Aspiring Consultancy is able to service documents for;

  • government departments,
  • barristers and solicitors,
  • and private individuals.

We have agents throughout the country and can arrange for document services worldwide.

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Litigation Investigations

Litigation investigations are completed by Aspiring Consultancy for Barristers and Solicitors. This includes general witness interviews and all forms of investigation.

Investigations are completed to New Zealand High Court standard.

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Aspiring Consultancy is able to complete all forms of surveillance. All surveillance staff utilised are fully trained, ex members of the New Zealand Police.

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Other Services

  • General trace investigations
  • General document and process services for all legal documentation
  • All pre employment screening - all general background enquiries, including authenticating applicant details including qualifications and references.
  • Aspiring Consultancy can also apply to obtain all criminal history, fines enforcement and traffic detail.
  • Aspiring Consultancy is able to complete company and business searches, including company offices and directors.
  • Credit checks and general public notices.
  • Aspiring Consultancy can also obtain motor vehicle registration checks, current and historical ownership details, including any financial lien or attachment to vehicles.
  • Aspiring Consultancy can complete property valuation, validity checks including mortgage history detail.

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